Material Supply

We use high technology, leading brand products in our recommended and installed systems. We are among the best firms in fast product delivery and part replacement supply categories in the market.

The assembly and delivery of all fire detection, protection and handling systems of assessed and categorized industrial sites are handled by our professionals with correct timing and regular reporting systems. All timetables concerning projects and assembly are carefully prepared according to international standards, this includes progress data acquired via local site supervision. Every stage of the project is examined by our experienced central control staff and is completed within the planned timeframe. Every project and service we offer follows the “No fault, no risk” principle of EMO AYVAZ as shown by the inspection results according to national and international standards, and is delivered to the customer in fully functional state.

Our Pledge

In addition to the turnkey installation of fire detection and extinguishing systems, we give also supervision services, for the elements of the systems we have sold, required in both mounting and activating processes according to the international and local standards and with our “No fault, no risk,” principle. Test scenarios of the fire detection and extinguishing systems, assembly operations of which are completed, are identified; our specialist engineers create different scenarios based on specified criteria, they perform function tests within the framework of this scenario. These test scenarios approved by international organizations include not only the functions of systems but also the disruptions that may interfere with the operation of the system in case of fire. Thus, we hand in the systems as successfully passed all the tests and correctly working.

Periodic maintenance standards of which are identified by related institutions and producers is necessary for fire detection and extinguishing systems to fulfill their functions accurately. In the systems that work interactively with each other, a malfunction that may occur in a small piece, a depreciation and such errors that seem insignificant can even interfere with the operation of the entire system. In industrial plants, we perform our maintenance and inspection work in accordance with the standards and regulations of NFPA 25, EN 12845 and TS CEN / TS 54-14 for both the fire detection and extinguishing systems we establish and the ones established by other firms with different products so that they can operate smoothly and efficiently for many years. And we give services such as testing, reporting, repairing, parts replacement and maintenance. Thus, we offer our customers the convenience of one-step monitoring, status reporting and healthy maintaining and repairing systems about complex systems consisting of many different brands’ products.

Periodic Maintenance

Design and Consulting 

Our experienced and internationally accredited team of engineers are capable of preparing fire detection and protection projects suitable for the field. In order to finish on time, we use project management system and coordinate subordinate works. Every step of the project and every revision is numbered and achieved. We always check whether our works fit the criteria outlined in international standards and eliminate mistakes. We identify in which risk group your facility should be put into and design accordingly. We create different fire scenarios and identify different prevention methods against them.