Kitchen Hood System

Today, kitchens consisting of industrial type multi cooking units have a great fire risk.


If necessary precautions are not taken, these fires can easily grow and spread to the whole facility.


Particularly in these areas where hoods are used intensely, oil vapors collected in the hoods and their ducts over time create a fire risk forming layers.


The rapid, automatic and right at the place extinguishing of this potential fire will ensure that the facilities will survive this danger with minimum damage.


The extinguishing agent used in the system will prevent the flames from contacting air by covering the surface of the fire and suppress it.


Hood Extinguishing systems which are reliable and fast; can efficiently extinguish the fires that may occur in kitchen units such as cooker, chimney, fryer and grill as well as hoods.



Restaurants, hotels


Shopping Centers.




Hospitals and Health Institutions


Industrial Facilities




Floating and Fixed Platforms

All kitchens on board


To ensure fire safety it is essential to apply Hood Extinguishing Systems that are designed according to the UL300 standard and compliant with NFPA 96, NFPA 17A & # 39; tested and approved by international certification bodies.


According to the "Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire", which is already in force in our country, it is obligatory to make a hood extinguishing system.