Passive Fire Protection Systems

Fire protection does not cover only fire detection and extinguishing systems (active fire protection systems). In order to protect from fire in a building, active and passive fire protection systems must be used together.


Passive fire protection is the name of measures and features of fire safety built into the building's construction. It is different from active fire protection elements such as smoke detectors, fire alarms, water spraying systems.


While active fire protection helps to extinguish the fire; passive fire protection is very important in minimizing the risk of fire emergence and spreading, and protecting people and property within the structure.    What is passive fire protection?


Passive fire protection is vital to the design of any structure because it provides protection in the following ways:


• It gives people more time to get out in case of fire.


• Makes the construction more resistant to the fire .


• Protects the construction  against the effects of fire, provides serviceability and minimizes reconstruction costs.


• Protect your assets by reducing the chance of fire spreading.


• Limit the movement of flame and smoke.


• Minimizes the danger of destruction.


Where to use Passive System?


Passive fire protection systems are used in fire-resistant surfaces in which there are  installations such as pipes, ducts or cables are located; in other words,on floor, wall and ceiling. In these cases, the system must be insulated to maintain the level of fire resistance of the wall, floor or ceiling.


For this reason, passive fire protection products and systems are used to fill gaps in walls, floors, cables, pipe conduits and control joints. When applied correctly, passive fire protection will ensure the integrity of fire resistance and will protect the insulation of the construction.

Commonly used application examples:


  • Fire Stoppers (for Walls and Ceilings)

  • Fire Doors

  • Fire Curtains

  • Fire Dampers

  • Fire Stopper Pillow

  • Fire Resistant Suspended Ceiling

  • Fire Stopper Intumescent Putty

  • Fire Stopper Spray Mastic (Joints and Dilatations)

  • Intumescent Wound Clamp for Plastic Pipes

  • Intimate Bandage Used for Flammable Insulations

  • Fire Stopper Mortar Used in the Transition of Electric Cables and Taves

  • Fire Stopper Used in the Transition of Electric Cables and Taps and Panel Painting