Fire Supression Systems

Water Suppression Systems

The extinguishing feature of water has been known since ancient times. Therefore, the first systems established with the aim of fire extinguishing have been sprinkler systems that use water as the extinguishing agent. Sprinkler systems, which have been constantly evolving from the first established extinguishing system and which play an active role in terms of fire extinguishing, are commonly used in A and C class fires which can occur in any living areas.

Foam extinguishing systems, extinguish the fire by covering the surface of the burning surface with the extinguishing foam, that’s to say cutting off the air contact.

Fire-fighting foam is formed by the expansion of the foam solution with water and air under pressure. Therefore, fire-fighting foam consists of 3 main components: foam solution, water and air.

Foam Suppresion Systems

Gas Suppression Systems

In order for the fire to occur, the flammable substances should reach a certain temperature and there should be sufficient amount of oxygen in the environment. In a clean environment, the oxygen content in the air is 20.9%. This rate should not fall below 16% for fire to occur. By reducing the oxygen content below 16%, the combustion reaction will slowly disappear. And if the oxygen content falls below 14%, the combustion ends.

Today, kitchens consisting of industrial type multi cooking units have a great fire risk.


If necessary precautions are not taken, these fires can easily grow and spread to the whole facility.

Kitchen Hood System

Fire Pumps